The Blogshop Clearance 25 in Suntec Convention Concourse

Blogshop Clearance Sale Bazaar 25

The Blogshop Clearance Bazaar is a bazaar with more than 60 online shops selling their items in a marketplace setting. We wish to bring in more vendors selling curated gifts and fashion items that are suitable for the masses. We are not so much about the arty-farty arts market concept. But we are a bazaar that sells practical items used in this contemporary living. Vendors may sell anything creative, interesting and practical in this market.

Read on to find out more about this event.

Do you have stocks you want to promote?

Blogshop Clearance Sale Bazaar 25 is one you won't want to miss.

That weekend, we have some really big scale, crowd-puller events, that are happening during our show.

Concurrent MEGA Events
1) Snacks and Food Fair
2) Gaming and Cosplay Fair
3) Wedding and Travel
4) Medical Fair
5) Product Sale
6) Seminars
7) City Harvest Church Service

Dates: 20th & 21st April 2019 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Concourse level 3 (Open area inside Suntec)
Admission: FREE for shoppers

Note on venue: Our venue is the big open space you see at level 3, right smack in the middle. All shoppers will definitely find us once they are inside Suntec Convention Centre. Event is air-conditioned.

Rental: $325 (2 days) per stall

Logistics provided:
- 2.5m by 1.5m space (you may put up to 3 - 4 tables)
- 1 table (3ft by 3ft size, NO skirting)
- 2 chairs

Stall selection at $30 only. Select your own stall by paying $30 (2 days) on top of the rental of $325.

Additional table: $20 (2 days)
Additional chair: $10 (2 days)

Clothes rack rental for a 2 tier rack: $30 (2 days)
Clothes rack rental for a 1 tier rack: $25 (2 days)

You may bring your own clothes rack. However, for additional tables and chairs, you need to order from us.

Product Restriction: Strictly NO snacks and food related items as there is a conflict of interest with the Snack Fair held at Level 4 convention halls.

All vendors may leave their products there overnight. Please remember to bring a cloth or canvass to cover over your items.

Event Hightlights!
- Balloon Sculpturing for Kids
- Roaming Emcee to promote vendors' items. Participate in games to win some prizes!
- Carnival games. Shooting games, bow and arrow, balls in cans etc.
- Lucky Draw. Spend $100 in the event and you can be entitled to a lucky draw. Prizes to be purchased from our vendors in the event itself.
- Feel free to suggest what you wish to see in this event.

The event will be heavily advertised on Facebook and the various social media platforms. We will also place our event posters, standee, directional banners around Suntec. Our posters will also appear on Suntec's large and small LED screens (more than 100 of them in total). The event will also be advertised The Straits Times etc.

This event is opened to everyone (online sellers) or bazaar stallholders. Whether you are selling clothes, toys, accessories, bags, cosmetics, or anything. As long as you have stocks you want to clear, new products to showcase, we want you in with us. 

Be sure to register with us early to secure a stall with better frontage and better location.
Event space can hold more than 60 stalls. There are so many events held in the same weekend and they are all major crowdpullers! 

You won't want to miss this event for sure. I would like to urge all vendors to sign up with us FAST. Stalls are expected to go out REALLY FAST daily..

Be the first 20 vendors to sign up. Send us pictures of your products and promotions, we will post, tag your company name and blast it on our Facebook pages (paid ads).
You may find the floorplan attached here.

To join, kindly contact us!

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