UE Square Office Bazaar

This September, we are organizing a 5 days bazaar at UE Square (Clarke Quay). The event aims to bring the office crowd to our area for some lunch time and after-work shopping. This bazaar is visibly located below the office tower, UE Square Mall and hotel lobby, where all the working crowd can see us. We expect good crowd during lunch time.


You may find more details below.


Event Details

Dates: 10th - 14th September 2019 (Tuesday - Saturday)
Time: 11am - 7pm
Venue: UE Square, Skylight Atrium, level 1 as seen in the picture above (81 Clemenceau Ave 239917)


Rental: $160 for 5 days for the Early Birds
Usual Price: $250 for 5 days


Stall Selection: FREE For Early Birds.If interested, please email me to request for a clearer version floorplan.


Logistics Provided per Stall
- 1 table (3ft by 3ft, no skirting)
- 2 chairs
- 2m by 1.5m space


Rent an extra table for $25 (5 days). Extra chair for $10 (5 days)


You may leave your items there overnight (covered by a canvass sheet).


Product Restrictions: None


Demographics: Office crowd, tourists and expatriates. 



- Crafting Workshop. A space designated for craftors to sell / teach participants on how to create and customize their own items. By taking up a stall, you may choose to use our workshop space.


Looking for no more than 30 stalls only. To join, kindly fill up the form attached and send back to me ASAP or you may give me your particulars below for us to send you an invoice.

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