Punggol 21 CCMC and National Environment Agency (NEA) will be organizing the Punggol North Eco Carnival 2016 on 30th July. This event aims to bring in 1000 residents and let them learn how changes to their lifestyle in more eco friendly ways can help the environment and their health.

Event Details:
Dates: 30th & 31st July 2016 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Punggol 21 CC (80 Punggol Field)
Admission: FREE to public

Rental: $120 (2 days)

Logistics Provided:
– 2m by 1.5m space
– 1 table (3ft by 3ft no skirting)
– 2 chairs
Extra table: $20 (2 days)
Extra chair: $10 (2 days)

A guide on space management: You may put 2 tables, or 1 table + 1 rack or 3 racks + 0 table. If there is extra space beside you, we may allow 1 more add-on rack to any of the combi above.
All vendors’ items can be placed there overnight as we will engage a guard to look after the place overnight.

We strongly encourage vendors who are selling the following items to join us.
1) Eco-friendly items (eg. energy saving gadgets, recycled fashion, household item)
2) Public education booth about environment
3) Second hand items
4) Health products
5) Game booths for kids and students
6) Food and Drinks
7) Others

Some other Event highlights include:
– Stage performances, games, competition on producing a green product, Healthy cooking competition, comedy sketch and more.
All the schools around Punggol will be informed about the event, and students will be sent down to learn more about the importance of being environmentally friendly.
1,000 tickets will be sold to the residents living around the area and Punggol 21 CC is on track to reach this target. We will be expecting 1,000 residents to turn up, on top of walk-in crowd who will be going to Punggol CC for their usual weekend activities. There’s also a Mcdonald there that pull in very good crowd too.
Eco-Carnival will be held there on 30th July only. But on 31st July, there will be a Hari Raya event that draw a few hundred malay residents.

We are looking for about 25 stalls only (expecting to be filled up fast). Do register with us early!

Interested to collaborate with us?


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