The time is here. Singapore’s 50th Birthday, an event widely celebrated by the nation this August.

We are honoured and privileged to be part of the SG50 committee that organizes this year’s activities in Marina Barrage. There will be carnivals, games, live telecast of previews/ NDP parade and bazaars. We are in charge of the bazaar segment.
Because it’s SG50, this year there will be alot more activities catered to the crowd and every segment is MAGNIFIED a few fold. Example, bigger carnival, more stalls for bazaar, more performances, and more days for celebration!

The event will be held for 3 days (7th – 9th August 2015): Fri – Sun.

Dates: 7th – 9th August 2015 (Fri – Sun)
Time: 10am – 9pm
Venue: Marina Barrage level 1 central fountain, Deck A and Level 2 corridor.

On Fri and Sat (7th & 8th August), there will be Families for Life Picnic going on in the morning (expecting 6k – 7k families member coming), Black Hawk Fighter Jets performance in the afternoon, screening of National Day Previews and fireworks! A normal day in Barrage would have 4k crowd. But with so many activities going on, we are expecting 15k people to be there.

On the actual National Day, Sun (9 August), there will be the usual screening of NDP, Night Hawk Fighter Jets performance, fire works etc. From past years of experience, a National Day in Marina Barrage will see a crowd of 20k people. But this year, we are prepared to expect at least 40k people. In anticipation of the overcrowding situation, the committee have plans in place to manage and do crowd control.

In summary, there will be many activities like children ride carnivals, jet performances, fireworks etc for the 3 days.

In total, we are expecting a crowd of at least 70k people easily!

Rental per stall

The rent is $255 for 3 days

Product Restrictions: NO Insurance / Banking services.

For this particular event, we are open to vendors selling first and second hand items. All items must be in good condition. Let’s bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in you and join us!

Logistics provided Per Stall

– 1 table (no skirting)
– 2 chairs
– Gazebo / Slope tentage (shared)
– 13amp Powerpoint (shared)
– Lighting

For vendors who are bringing in items for children who can do on-the-spot DIY handicraft colouring works, origami, painting etc, your rental would be $100 (3 days) only. And we have a special designated large area (Deck A, level 1.5) for you to cater this service to all the children to have fun and express their creativity there.

All Vendors may leave their items there overnight, covered by a canvass or black cloth. Marina Barrage would have security guards on patrol the whole premise.

If you are selling clothes, you may bring your own clothes rack.

Good news. There will be ample space for you to keep your stock at the back of your stall as the tentage has a inner depth of 3m. This would be beneficial if you have alot of stock that you wish to restock.

We are working very closely with the SG50 NDP Committee as we belong to the same main body. Hence, our event will be heavily publicized in all media. Especially the various newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Facebook, websites, etc.

Our bazaar is going to be held around the Central Fountain level 1, see picture above (or floorplan attached) and level 2 corridors. Do note that priority would go to vendors who sign up with us first as their stalls will be assigned to the Central Fountain area (heart of the Marina Barrage). After that is filled, we will then assign vendors their stalls at level 2 corridor (the open area just beside the staircase to the garden roof).

Total number of stalls: 70

First come first serve. Registration will close once we have all stalls in. Join us now to secure your stall! To join, kindly email us at ASAP.

Come dress in red or white. See you there.

Interested to collaborate with us?


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