The Fashionista Fair 4, being held concurrently with Singapore’s BIGGEST IT Fair, is taking up a new event location within Suntec Convention. Instead of it’s usual level 2 Crescent Room location, we are now taking the Suntec Convention Summit 1 (in level 3).

The new location will mean 2 things:

1) We are located even NEARER to the IT Fair, and we can be involved and be part of the shopping frenzy of the IT Fair crowd! You want to be as near to the promise land as possible don’t you…

2) Bigger frontage area. More vendors can choose the front location with Stall Selection.

Read on to find out more.


The 4th Fashionista Fair in back in Suntec Convention again!

Everyone here in Singapore knows that IT Fair crowd is the craziest and this guarantees you crowd. We bring you the people, the rest is up to you 🙂


Special Early Bird Promo: Get a $15 NTUC Voucher if you sign up by 20th August 2017.

Read on to find out more about the event.

This event will be one of it’s kind and quite different from our other events in Suntec because of it’s location. This location is always strategic. This time we are located in the big Summit 1 Room on level 3. The frontage is all opened up to ensure the crowd knows where to find us from afar. You may see the floorplan of the location right below.


Concurrent events

1) IT Fair (Level 6, 4 and 3)

2) Seminars

3) Sale Events


The Fashionista Fair 4

Dates: 2nd & 3rd September 2017 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 11am to 10pm

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Summit 1 Level 3 (the big meeting room in front of level 3 resting lobby)

Admission: FREE for shoppers

All partition doors to the event will be kept open, to welcome the crowd. We will also place large banners around the place to direct traffic into our event hall.

Rental: $300 (2 days) per stall

Sign up by 20th August 2017, and get yourself a free NTUC Voucher worth $15..


Logistics provided:

– 2.5m by 1.5m space (you may put up to 3 – 4 tables)

– 1 table (3ft by 3ft size, NO skirting)

– 2 chairs

– Carpet

– Free Storage Space at our backroom


Space is big, rental is made affordable too. Put as many things as you want and start selling them to the crowd!

Stall selection at $30 only. Select your own stall by paying $30 (2 days) on top of the rental of $300.

Email us to request for the clearer version of the floorplan.

Additional table: $20 (2 days)

Additional chair: $10 (2 days)

Clothes rack rental for a 2 tier rack: $30 (2 days)

Clothes rack rental for a 1 tier rack: $25 (2 days)


You may bring your own clothes rack. However, for tables and chairs, you need to order from us.

All vendors may leave their products there overnight. Please remember to bring a cloth or canvass to cover over your items. We will lock up the event space after the event ends on Saturday night.

We will be placing our event posters, standee, directional banners around Suntec. Our posters will also appear on Suntec’s large and small LED screens (more than 100 of them in total). More advertising will be done on Facebook, Instagram, forums etc.

Be prepared for a very jam-packed weekend with us in Suntec Convention Centre as we expect constant flow of traffic throughout the day. The result this time will be unlike others as we are even closer to the IT Fair action! Do expect bigger and better crowd flow this time!

This event is opened to anyone of any products, as long as you have something to sell, we want you in! In fact, you don’t even need to have a registered business to join us.

Crowd is going to be real good. Don’t miss this chance to impact your business and expose it to more people. Venue being held in Suntec, you probably won’t find another rental as affordable as this.

Be sure to email us to find out more about the floorplan, and registration form. The floorplan in this email is not clear. You may want to request for us to send you the clearer version.

Special Note: The previous time we did an event here, all our stalls got sold out. You may want to register with us early if you are joining us. Registration form attached.


To join, EMAIL us !

Interested to collaborate with us?


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