SG Weekly Bazaar @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

SG Weekly Bazaar @ Changi Airport Terminal 3


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Please make payment within 3 hours to secure the booking.
Otherwise, the slot will be released.

Hi Vendors,

Our upcoming project in our weekly bazaar series will be an exciting one, as we are going to Changi Airport! With air travel fully rebounding from the pandemic, foot traffic has surged back to its former heights. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best airports, Changi is renowned and draws travellers from around the world, many of whom during transits, layovers, arrival or departure stop by to do some shopping and exploring. The diverse consumers, including curious tourists, business professionals and locals, offers vendors an opportunity to tap into a wide variety of consumer segments, often with higher spending power.

Furthermore, look forward to a bazaar that is thematic in nature. Each month, the décor visual and product mix will be revamped to create a festive atmosphere that attracts shoppers.

Specifically, this bazaar will be located at Terminal 3 in one of the shop spaces, B2-18. This space sits in the middle of the bustle, surrounded by go-to food courts, eateries, specialty and luxury stores, ideal for catching attention from curious onlookers.

Since it’s the school holidays and Xmas festive, do expect many locals to go to the airport, and tourists coming over! Crowd will be most heavy during this period.

(Special Collaboration between T.Cartel and Changi Airport Group)


What’s Provided:

– A pushcart (1.4m by 0.7m)
– Space of 2m by 2m
– A chair

If you are selling apparels, you can request not to have the pushcart to have more space to display your apparels in your racks. Or to have a combination of 1 pushcart and 1 clothes rack.



Venue: Shop #B2-18
Address: Changi Airport Terminal 3, Basement 2
Time: 10.30am – 10pm
Admission: FREE
Other Shops in the same Level: NTUC Fairprice, Food Court, Children Indoor Playground and many other restaurants and eateries.
The Shop is within walking distance to Changi Airport MRT Station, and is linked to Jewel.



Vendors to man their own pushcart.
There is a self declaration of sales and contribution of 5% sales commission to us after the week.
First come first serve.

You may leave your items there overnight. Glass door can be locked up at the end of the day.
All stalls to be assigned by the Organizer.



Below are the list of Advertising and Promotion Support for your business.
– Facebook Adverts
– Instagram Adverts
– Branding support in shop front
– A chance to be featured in CAG newsletter


About Changi Airport Retail

The mall has a good number of anchor tenants operating business there for many years and is a key component to Changi Airport’s status as a world class airport. The retail shops there serve 4 key segments – local destination shoppers, travellers, airport community and meeters & greeters with an average time spend in the airport for 2 hours and 30 mins. Changi Airport is located in the East, where there is a densely populated suburbs crowd of 1.2 million people. The mall has 1.69 million of Changi Rewards members to date!

There is no product restrictions. All vendors Must keep the stall neat, tidy and classy. We are very particular about the neatness of the stall. All loose items must be covered up.

Stalls are expected to sell out fast (from our pre-EDM survey).
Vendor may choose to take any week. Do consider the first week as we have a opening week promotion price.

Thank you.

Rental Rates (#B2-18)

For each week, $550 + 5% GTO per stall.


Dates Available (7 days):


1 – 7 November 2023: $500 a week + 5% GTO
8 – 14 November 2023: $500 a week + 5% GTO
15 – 21 November 2023: $500 a week + 5% GTO
22 – 28 November 2023: $550 a week + 5% GTO and subsequently
29 November – 5 December 2023
6 – 12 December 2023
13 – 19 December 2023
20 – 26 December 2023
27 December 2023 – 2 January 2024
3 – 9 January 2024
10 – 16 January 2024
17 – 23 January 2024
24 – 30 January 2024
31 January – 6 February 2024
7 – 13 February 2024
14 – 20 February 2024
21 – 27 February 2024
28 February – 5 March 2024
6 – 12 March 2024
13 – 19 March 2024
20 – 26 March 2024

– Stalls are not confirmed until payment is made. Any payment made is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the Organizer.

– Strictly no refund after payment is made. Vendors may transfer stall to another person, but the Organizer must be informed and subjected to approval.

– Organizer has the right to reject any products that may not be suitable to be sold in the event.- Vendors must not sell any products not stated in this Registration.

– Assignment of stalls is based on first come first serve.

– No outside tables and chairs to be brought into the event venue.

– The Vendor shall be responsible to return the tables and chairs in its original state upon the completion of this lease agreement.

– All Cosmetic/ Skincare/ Nail/ Eye/ Perfume/ Bathe/ Perfume/ Hair products that come in contact with our skin must be produced in a factory approved by HSA.

–  All food products must come from a factory or food shop approved by SFA.

–  Vendor’s products must not infringe any Copyright Act, be it design/ logo/ brands of any major fashion’s/ sports’ Trademark & Licensed products.

– The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any dispute or liability arising from the sale of products by the Vendor.

– The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any loss or damages of products during or after event hours.

– The Organizer reserves the right to collect payment from the Vendor to recover any damages caused on the flooring, pushcart, tables or chairs, cost of damages to be determined by professional contractors.

– The Organizer reserves all rights to ban the vendor from booking in future in the event of any dispute.

– All vendors have to clear away any unwanted items or trash at their booth area before they tear down, at the end of the Event.

– The Organizer may at its sole discretion choose to waive some or all parts of this contract. The Organizer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.


By registering under T.Cartel, vendors have read, understood and agreed to observe the terms and conditions.

Parking Amenities
Indoor Space
World-class airport
High traffic bazaar space

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