Types of Spaces


Come rent a stall with us from our list of thematic bazaars. In this format, vendors tend to their own booths. We have many events big and small in scale, be it one-off, weekly or monthly that will be suitable for your needs. Check us out to find out more.


POPPIN introduces a consignment format to our retail offerings where basically – Vendors Put, and We Sell. This works best for entrepreneurs who are too busy to tend to their own stalls and prefer to consign products where we do all the selling for you. Apart from having a centralised point of sale, this format is not any less effective than its bazaar counterpart in traffic and appeal. Check us out to find out more.

Temporary Shop Lease

Ever dreamt of having a shop of your own without incurring high overhead costs every month? Look for us! As we work very closely with all the Landlords to secure vacant units and rent out shops on a temporary basis to interested and committed vendors. We will work closely with the vendors to create something exciting within the mall. Check us out to find out more.