Charity Fun Walk in Marina Barrage

We are supporting Mediacorp in organizing a Mother's Day Mass Walk in Marina Barrage this 13th May 2018. The event has many activities, and a bazaar segment which we are privileged to be tasked to manage.

Date: 13th March 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Marina Barrage Level 1 Sheltered area (Water Playground)

We expect to have 3,000 invited guests + a thousand or 2 of walk-in crowd. The event has numerous activities to keep the crowd occupied.

Rental per stall: $80

Logistics provided:
- 1 Table (3t by 3ft, no table skirting)
- 2 chairs
- Powerpoint (shared)


Product Restrictions: No Clothings for this event and no preloved items.

We expect good traffic throughout the day. This event targets all the mothers and families. We are looking for a total of 10 - 20 stalls selling products that are suitable for mothers.

To join, kindly email us!

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