Halloween Flea Market in Bugis Street.

Halloween is fast becoming a very popular festive celebrated here in Singapore. With many people seen donned in ghastly costumes and roamed around. Every year, many places open up scare houses to the daring Singaporeans who want some adrenaline pumped. Universal Studio, Scape, Safra just to name a few.

And of course, we have it here in Bugis Street too.

Event Details

Dates: 28th – 29th Oct, 4th – 5th Nov 2016. (Friday and Saturday)
Time: 10pm – 2am
Venue: Bugis Street level 1 (3 New Bugis Street)

Rental: $95 for 2 days for the Early Birds (register by 23rd Oct)
Usual Price: $110 for 2 days

Logistics Provided per Stall

– 1 table (3ft by 3ft, no skirting)
– 2 chairs
– 2m by 1.5m space

Rent an extra table for $20 (2 days). Extra chair for $10 (2 days)
At 9.30pm, all shops in Bugis Street will be closed. We will then setup all our flea market stalls in the corridor and it’s open to public in LEVEL 1. The Scare Zones at level 2 is a ticketed event. Based on the response last time, the ticket sales was a huge success and there were long queues waiting to enter throughout the night (all the way to 2am). These participants will be able to do some flea market shopping and they do not need to wait in queue like the last time. As all queue and notifications are done via SMS.

Goers of the Scare House will then be able to walk and shop at our flea market stalls.
Bugis Street is the main Organizer for the whole event. Advertising will be strongly done on various media.

Expected number of stalls not more than 20. Sign up now. Email us at T.Cartel.Group@gmail.com

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