This 21st May 2016, we will be organizing a mini bazaar at Haw Par Villa. This is an event that will be held concurrently with Lockdown on 21st May, who will run 5 sessions of amazing race within Haw Par Villa itself. 200 – 300 participants (age group 13 – 35) are to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries in order to save a “friend” who has passed out and has his spirit traveled to the nether world.

See storyline here:

About the Bazaar: It’ll be held in Haw Par Villa’s “to-be” canteen, under shelter. See picture below. The canteen has yet to be started.

Event Details

Dates: 21st – 22nd May 2016 (Sat and Sun)
Time: 11am – 7pm (you may stay longer if you want to)
Venue: Haw Par Villa (262 Pasir Panjang Road, 118628) “to-be” Canteen
Admission: Free Admission for outsiders.
Rental: $80 per day

Logistics Provided:

– 1 Table (no skirting)
– 2 Chairs
– Space 2m by 2m.
Additional Table at $10 and Chair at $5

Free to use powerpoint, but you need to bring extension wire and black tape.

Product Restrictions: No Sandwich and Muffins. No can drinks.

You may sell any other fashion or F&B items.

This place attracts tourists crowd and crowd for the Escape Amazing Race.

Advertising and Publicity

– 933FM (there was a talk about this event today)
– Read The Straits Times today for the mention. (
– Facebook page for this event has been shared more than 1800 times since this afternoon! (
– SG Daily
– Expat Living
– What’s Happening
– All relevant websites
– Others.

The last time we heard from Yes 933FM Radio Station talking about this event, tickets for the amazing race were about 90% SOLD OUT!

Total looking at bringing in 10 – 12 vendors only. To join, kindly email to us.

Interested to collaborate with us?


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