The Sports Hub Management is organizing a large scale event next month. It’s named as the Community Play Day, and event to be held on 11th March this year. This is a community effort to engage more people and expose them to various indoor sports, with the help of the various NSAs.

There will be various activities, such as water sports, live bands, inflatable zones, black speedminton, dragon boat races, carnival games and flea market.

This event is wholly organized by Sportshub Committee.

We are honored to be invited as one of their partners for the flea market segment!

Target group: Youths, Working Adults, Senior Citizens and the Less Privileged.

Expected Turnout: 10,000 pax

Event Details

Date: 11th March 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm – 9pm

Venue: Sportshub Stadium Riverside Walk

Admission: FREE

Rental per stall: $75

Flex some muscles, and do the bottle flip challenge! For vendors who are able to flip the bottle and get it land upright, video it down, upload on FB, tag our pages T.Cartel andSportshub and show us as proof, gets a $5 NTUC voucher (per stall)! Check out youtube link on how to do it:

Logistics Provided per Stall

– 1 table (3ft by 3ft, no skirting)

– 2 chairs

– Slope tentage + lights

Product Restrictions: NO food, snacks, drinks, damaged items, dangerous items, sex toys, counterfeit or any items prohibited by law. Sportshub have permanent F&B tenants there already.

We hope to have vendors selling water guns, water protective cover, water proof bags, sports equipment, gym gear etc. In fact, anything is fine! Fashion, kids, pets, handmade products, are good too!

Event Summary: 

– Water Sports (3pm – 6pm)

– Inflatable Zones (2pm- 7pm)

– Dragon Boat Races (9am – 6pm)

– Carnival Games (2pm – 9pm)

– Black Speedminton (7pm – 10pm)

– Live Band (7pm – 9pm)

– Flea Market (2pm – 9pm)

– And many other Activities

Advertising is going to be strong, and we expect fantastic crowd in just this one day.

All vendors are welcomed to join us. You may sell anything except for F&B, illegal items.

To join, kindly email us to request for the registration form ASAP. Limited to 24 stalls only. Do it Fast!

Interested to collaborate with us?


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