Christmas is coming and this is the best time to boost your year end sales via various modes of selling channels! Consignment is one of them.

We are organizing a Put & Sell Fair in Havelock II Basement 1 atrium. This sales event is concurrent with a list of activities and promotions being organized in the mall with the support of various stakeholders. Put & Sell is a concept that is different from a flea market as the vendor need not be present. They just need to display their items (for a period of 3 weeks in this case), and we have sales personnel to do the selling for you.

The target is to fill up the Basement atriums with wagons, target more than 80 of them and create a special one of a kind shopping experience not experienced before in Havelock II.

More event details below:

Dates: 3rd – 22nd December 2018 (3 weeks). We close on Sundays.

Time:  11am – 7pm

Venue: Havelock II Shopping Mall (2 Havelock Road, 059763)
Prime location: The mall is just 1 minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station.


$160 per wagon for 3 weeks + 10% GTO


Yes you got it. By paying $160, you can leave your items there for 3 full weeks.

There is a 10% GTO of sales taken by us. The remaining 90% will be transferred back to your account number within 2 weeks (or less) after the event ends.

You just need to prepare your items and put them in the wagon with a price tag either tagged to every items or a general big sign price tag, we will have a professional retail personnel there to sell the items for you.

If you are selling apparel, you may use your own clothes rack instead of our wagons.

Promotions and Activities within the mall

1) Christmas Caroling on 7th and 14th December. Buskers are also invited on other days to perform.

2) All vendors’ wagon will be given a personalized board, designed by us, indicating your brand name, facebook page and website. We want to help our vendors get more traffic to your online portals as much as on the ground sales.

3) Christmas decorations around the mall and outside the mall entrances

4) Proposed 3D stickers to be featured around the mall for photo taking.

5) Christmas backdrop photobooth

6) Instagram contests and free giveaways.

Bazaar Vendors Engagement

– All vendors are to give special discounts for some of the items or promote 1 or 2 Star Buy items.

– Free goodie bags given out to shoppers who spent $50 and above in our event on Saturdays. Limited to first 30 per day.
– Vendors are encouraged to give samples to put in our goodie bags on top of the items we are giving.

– Vendors are also encouraged to contribute some of your products to our Contest Basket. We run our Facebook contests weekly and winners who like and share our Facebook pages get to win the items. We will also get the shoppers to like your Facebook or Instagram page. This contest is not compulsory.

Important things to note:

1) All vendors are strongly encouraged to join us as we want to help you sell your items and to raise awareness of your online/physical shop..
2) This event is a perfect platform for your shoppers to come collect your items as the event is held in the CBD and directly opposite Clarke Quay MRT Station.
3) We will have someone there to sell for you and collect cash/nets proceeds. Your item sales will be updated to you at the end of the week. All shoppers can either pay by cash or Nets.
4) We will provide plastic bags. For branding purposes, if you wish to, you may request to use your paper bags provided by yourself.
5) All items will be covered after the end of the event everyday. We do not take responsibility for any losses or damages. Vendors are to provide their own cloth or canvass.
6) Wagon setup and teardown are to be done by vendors themselves. We only assist in selling them.
7) We will do stock taking with you. But vendors are advised that the Organizer is not responsible for any losses or damages to the items.

There is no product restrictions.

Don’t miss this chance to join our Put & Sell in Havelock II’s Xmas edition. Limited to 80 wagons only. Stronger than usual buying power is expected in the mall considering that the demographics consist of office crowd and tourists.

Email us to join!

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