Join the Biggest, be the Greatest! Join us in Singapore’s largest indoor flea market this November!

Mega Flea 15 will be organized in Suntec Convention and it will be held concurrently with The Tech Show (Singapore’s Largest IT Gadgets and Home Electronics Fair).


15th – 17th November 2019 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
2pm – 10pm (15th Nov)
12pm – 10pm (16th & 17th Nov)
Suntec Convention Centre Hall 405

Mega Flea 15’s Activities & Event Specials

1) INFLUENCERS / BLOGGERS joining and setting up booths

2) Instagram Worthy Food & Beverage Stalls + Dining Area
– Place to chill and fill your stomach (We are the only hall selling FOOD in Suntec Convention). Imagine all the hungry IT gadgets shoppers having to come to our hall to fill their stomach.

3) Old School Snacks and Games Corner

– Where you can find all the snacks in the 80s and 90s. A little nostalgia is always fun.

4) Photobooth

5) Spend & Win Lucky Draw. To encourage consumerism and spending, shoppers who spend $100 in our event gets to participate in our Lucky Draw. Spend $200 and get to have a Lucky Dip.

Other Activities 

1) Roaming Emcees to promote our vendors’ products and entrepreneurial journey

2) Free balloons distributions to kids

3) Best dressed vendor/shopper and best decorated booths will receive a TROPHY from us!

4) This is not all, we are talking to a few supporting partners for more activities…

The Perks of joining as our vendor:

– 1 lucky Dip and win yourself some real attractive prizes. Prizes include NTUC Vouchers and other attractive gifts. [Vendors may come participate in the above activities during their stall setup]

– Free product advertising on all our related Mega Flea Facebook pages. Vendors’ Product Discount Items will also appear at the entrance of the event hall. This helps in attracting shoppers to your stall.

– Enjoy $100 discount if you sign up BY 15th October 2019

Concurrent Events in Suntec

As mentioned above, during those dates, Suntec Convention will have a mega sized IT Fair (organized by SPH), a D&D Fair just beside our hall and several other warehouse sales and seminar related events.

Concurrent Events (in summary):

1) The Tech Show  (Level 4 Hall 401 – 404)

2) The Mega Flea Market 15 (Hall 405)

3) D&D (Hall 406)

4) Warehouse sales, Seminars and others (Level 3)

5) City Harvest Church Services (Level 6)

Rental Details

Rental – $366 nett for 3 days (EARLY BIRD RATE + first 54 vendors to sign up)
(Original Rate: $520 for 3 days)

Each stall is given:

– A raw space of 2.5m by 1.4m (you may put up to 3 or 4 tables)

– 1 table (3ft by 3ft, no skirting)

– 2 chairs

We are renting out the following:

– Additional table = $20 (all 3 days)

– Additional chair = $10 (all 3 days)

– Electrical powerpoint = $77 (all 3 days)

Product Restrictions: No IT and Home Electronics related items because of the conflict of interest with the other exhibitions also held during the same period of time.
Free free to check with me if you are unsure if your products are under this category.

We accept vendors selling both 1st and 2nd hand items. But do strictly note that vendors selling 2nd hand items must indicate them as preloved at your stall itself.

Generally, our Mega Fleas have 80% vendors selling first hand items.


Stall Selection

Choose your own stall location by paying additional $30 (any stall). [OPTIONAL]

Front Row Stalls (eg. A01, B01, C01, D01 … etc) are going at additional $60 (instead of $30)

Check out the floorplan and choose your ideal location today! The better location often goes out fast.

For vendors who decide not to go for the Stall Selection, their stalls will be randomly located by our Randomizer System and you will be informed of your stall location 1 week before the event.

Important Note: All vendors are to handle their own transaction and collect their own Cash. There is NO GTO, and NO Central Cashier involved.


Nets Terminal

To assist vendors without Nets terminal, we will be setting up our Nets terminal at our Information Counter for shopper’s use. The amount will be reimbursed to the vendor within 2 weeks after event. There is a 3% transaction fee for such a transaction.
(Side suggestion: Paylah and Paynow is really convenient, vendors can consider to use that as a mode of payment for your customers instead of using our Nets machine)


Publicity for The Mega Flea Market 15

The focus of the event is on advertising as most of the resources are used to ensure good human traffic throughout the 3 days.

– Newspapers [2 million readership] [Mass advert on The Straits Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Wanbao, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian etc]

– Local radio [700k listeners]

– Bloggers to blog (They are invited to come down to our event as well)

– Facebook Paid Ads [1 million viewership]

– Instagram Paid Ads [1 million viewership]

– Forums and other web advertising

– T.Cartel’s and Suntec Singapore’s website and Facebook page

– Flyer distribution of 50k flyers in Universities, Polytechnics, Suntec and Marina Square

– Email blast [to 50k subscribers]

– Announcements on LED screen around Suntec Convention Centre

– Pull-up Banners placed around Suntec on event day


Expected Turnout on actual day: 50k shoppers
Expected Number of stalls: 200


Why you must join:

– Very high human traffic flow

– Good location (central part of Singapore)

– Possible breakthrough sales record (experienced by countless vendors)

– Big stall space (2.5m by 1.5m)

– Air-Conditioned


Why 3 days, instead of 2 days:

In the past Mega Fleas, we organize the event for 2 days, but knowing that the Electronics Fair is going to bring in massive number of crowd to Suntec, we have decided to do it for 3 days instead.

– Maximize your setup and transportation cost.

– Increase Sales and Profits. If you can make good sales in 2 days, you will do much better in 3 days.

– Reduce cost of rental for per day rate (eg. we charge $165 per day for a 2 days event, but the rental is $140 per day only for a 3 days event).

– Cost of powerpoint installation ($77), table ($20) and chair ($10) remain the same for 3 and 2 days event!

Come join us as a vendor on a busy weekend in Suntec!

Stalls are expected to go out fast daily. From past experiences, when we organized our Mega Flea with an IT Fair, all the stalls were sold out (100%)!. You may want to register with us as early as you can, ideally today, to avoid any disappointment.

Choose your preferred booth today.

First 54 vendors get $54 discount on top of the $100 Early Bird Discount!

To register, kindly contact us!

Interested to collaborate with us?


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