We Started off with Mega Flea, and now back to Mega Flea.

Have you heard of Singapore’s Largest indoor flea market, The Mega Flea Market? Time flies, it’s been 2 years since we organized a flea of that kind of crazy magnitude. More than 200 stalls gathered in a convention hall creating a marketplace setting. More than 100,000 kinds of product and designs. Sellers vs Buyers. Can you imagine…

Well, we are really glad to announce that we are bringing MEGA FLEA back!

Our Track Records for The Mega Flea Market

– held in Singapore Expo Convention Hall for 7 times (mega flea 1 – 7).

– held in Suntec Convention Centre big hall for 5 times (mega flea 8 – 12),

Each time, we managed to bring in more than 200 stalls and 20,000 shoppers at least (30k is the average).. Our Advertising tapped on traditional and modern advertising platform. (eg. TV, Radio, Newspapers, Facebook, and more)

This is an event highly anticipated by both shoppers and sellers. This is the sort of event that vendors love to setup their stall in because of the generous amount of space we give to each stall, the high traffic flow and of course, the strong buying power of the shoppers (everyone been waiting for this time to shop just in mega flea). In fact, we have many shoppers and vendors asking us when is the upcoming Mega Flea. Now is the time, to bring it back again.

We have organized this event in the East (Expo), then we moved to Central (Suntec). Now we are organizing in the West (Bigbox being directly beside Jurong East MRT Station).

This event, will be advertised on Television (Channel U, and Suria) during PEAK and Off-Peak hours, Radio, Newspapers and Facebook advertising etc. We are going BIG on advertising!

More details below…

Event Details

Dates: 16th – 18th September 2016 (Fri – Sun)

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: Big Box Convention Centre (Level 3)

Big Box is a 3 storey mall that sells electronics, grocery and furniture. There is a mega size convention centre (7,000sqm) at level 3 where we are located.

Big Box is also directly linked, by a bridge, to Jurong East MRT Station.

Target Shoppers: Office Crowd (during Fri), Families, Youngsters, of the 4 ethnicity (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasians). on all days

Stall Details

Rental: $250 (3 days) + 3% GTO
The 3% GTO (Gross Turnover) means that you have to contribute 3% of your sales to Bigbox. This is a scheme that we have to adopt as it’s Bigbox policy to take partial revenue from a vendor’s sale. Cashier Counters will be set up in various locations for the shoppers. This amount is on top of the rental you have to pay as well.

AND because there is this GTO scheme, we have reduced our rental rate greatly. An outright rental for an event like this would easily be around $1,000. In a way, the reduction in rental kind of offsets the GTO you’ll need to pay. It’s worth it, and I believe everyone will benefit from this reduced rental scheme as it reduces your fixed cost risk.

Benefits for having a cashier counter

Customers may pay using their CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD on our cashier counters. There is no need for you to bring your terminal.
And you know, there is no loss in sales due to having not enough cash. A common problem in flea market. Customers may now pay either with their card or cash
You absolutely do not have to worry about cash or spare change at all. Leave the troublesome part of money transaction to us. You just need to bring your products there, setup, and sell.
We will return you your sales (minus off GTO), 2 weeks after the event, in the form of a cheque.

Logistics Provided:

– 2.5m by 1.5m (you may put up to 3 or 4 tables). If you realized, our stall space is the same whether we are in Expo, Suntec or in Bigbox.

– 1 Table (no skirting)

– 2 Chairs

– Carpet

Stall Selection: $40 (select your own stall). This is optional.

Front Row Stall Selection would be: $100 (instead of $40). Eg. A01, B01, C01, D01, E01, F01, G01, H01, I01, J01, K01, L01.

For vendors who did not opt for Stall Selection, their stall will be randomly located by our system 1 week before the event starts.

Extra Table: $20 (3 days)

Extra Chair: $10 (3 days)

Electrical Powerpoint: $77 (3 days)

Product Restrictions: None

Vendors can sell second hand items. We expect 70% of the vendors to be selling first hand items, and 30% selling preloved items.

Advertising & Publicity In Full

– Television (Channel U): Because we want to target the korean lovers watching this channel (we are one of them)

– Television (Channel Suria): We want to target the Malay community during this hari raya period. Malay community is the most united group. 1 person come, the whole kampong follows too.

– Radio

– Newspaper

– Facebook & Instagram (Paid Ads)

– Flyers and walking board around Jurong

– Big Boards (placed all around Big Box 1 week in advance)

– Gigantic Banner display (Hung in and outside Big Box)

– Forums

– Websites

– Email Blast (T.Cartel and Bigbox contacts)

– Blogs. We will be inviting bloggers to join us too!

All out publicity will ensure this major event, will be the most talked about shopping event in Singapore!

Why you must join:

– Very high human traffic flow

– Good location (located beside and linked to Jurong East MRT Station)

– Possible Breakthrough Sale Record (experienced by many vendors)

– Big Stall Space (2.5m by 1.5m – it’s equivalent to 3 – 4 table spaces)

– Air-Conditioned

– Be part of the Mega Flea Family. Experience the hustle and bustle of marketplace selling in the biggest flea market in Singapore.

Any Other Information:

Big Box is a major retailer selling Electronics, Grocery and Furniture. It’s like having the 3 major players in the various industries – Courts, Giant and Ikea under 1 roof. On a normal day, the place is packed with people doing their weekend shopping. What more when our Mega Flea is there, and with all the advertising we are doing, we are confident the crowd would be really good in our flea market!

On a Friday, there are many office crowd shopping during lunch break. Families will start to come on Friday afternoon, and the whole of Saturday and Sunday. There is a food court located just outside our convention hall on level 3.

The Mega Flea Market aims to target people of all ages, gender and race. Just as our tagline says: There Is Something For Everyone.

If you are a serial flea market operator, then this major event is one you definitely won’t want to miss. Being our largest flea market and anchor event of the year, you bet that we hold nothing back in terms of bringing the crowd in.

Hope you find it clear. Anything unsure can check with us.

To join, kindly email us to request for the registration form / updated floorplan if you are going for the stall selection.

Interested to collaborate with us?


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