POPPIN @ Clarke Quay

POPPIN @ Clarke Quay


3 months min commitment
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Hi Vendors,

How does a pop-up at Singapore’s iconic riverside destination sound? Nestled along the Singapore River and in the heart of the city centre, Clarke Quay with its quaint shops and colonial architecture remains a vibrant and charming tourist attraction and local dining/ hang-out spot. Within easy proximity between Clarke Quay and Fort Canning MRTs, it is a strategic destination to capture a vast audience. As part of a concept refresh initiative back in 2022, Clarke Quay has since undergone a transformative shift to redefine their predominantly night-based activities into a vibrant, family-friendly day-and-night destination, with a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, retail and F&B brands. In collaboration with CapitaLand, we will have the unique opportunity to join them in shaping the landscape and shopping habits in Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay has accumulated an exciting line-up of tenants, encompassing three key zones – The Riverfront (housing gyms, spa and wellness centres, a variety of pet-friendly café, bars and culinary hotspots), The Warehouses (housing FairPrice, music retailer Swee Lee featuring a café, bar and music community space, and retail stores), as well as The Circuit (housing Zouk, live music, karaoke and various eateries).

Our pop-up will be located at #01-02, The Warehouses (Block B) next to the intersection separating the different zones. The shop is a 3,500 sq. ft. unit that is ready to house more than 100 brands to create a lively marketplace atmosphere, something to look forward to! Quaint-looking the exterior may be, we will be lining the walls up with product displays and signages to attract the attention of shoppers all around.

To those who are unaware, here at POPPIN, you leave your products with us on a consignment basis and we help to sell your products for you! We understand that manpower and time constraints are considerable challenges for vendors, that’s why POPPIN is here!

[Special collaboration with Capitaland]


POPPIN @ Clarke Quay


Dates: 20 April – 18 October 2024 (3 months minimum commitment)
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm
Location: The Warehouse Block, #01-02, 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024
(Located in prime location just in front of the Fountain area!)

POPPIN @ Clarke Quay is a huge 3,500 sq. ft store at unit #01-02. We will be adopting a Marketplace and Lifestyle concept for the shop.
The store is highly visible with its iconic shape and glass panels, not to mention that it is situated right beside the fountain area. Our closest neighbours are NTUC Fairprice and many other restaurants.
We will also be putting in good effort to make sure the exterior will be attractive and people will be welcomed to shop with us inside POPPIN. This will be done through outdoor posters, window display and lights to bring out the festive mood and capture the attention of a wider crowd.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put your brand/ products out there for customers to see and buy!


Responsibility of Our Vendors

All vendors are to set up on their own with a unique Stall Code given to each brand. We will take over to do the selling during the tenancy period. Both the Organizer and the mall will not be responsible for any losses or damages to the items.


Marketing Plans

To attract a crowd and increase your chances of selling your products and help increase brand awareness, Poppin has an exciting marketing plan!
Details of our marketing plan:
– Dedicated Instagram and Facebook Post for every vendor (of your entrepreneurial journey and brand). More marketing efforts will be done for first 30 vendors who signed up with us.
– Posting frequent Instagram/Facebook stories on vendors’ products.
– Live Streaming for vendors who signed up with us. We will be inviting live streamers to come in and promote for our vendors brands and products.
– Local celebrities and influencers collaborations to promote Poppin @ Clarke Quay and vendors’ products.
– Dedicated workshop space for vendors & Poppin will purchase some slots from vendors’ workshops to give away to shoppers.
– FOC display area (located outside our shop) for vendors’ products for maximum brand exposure and visibility of your products to passerby.
– Lucky Dip with minimum amount spent.
– Be the pioneer batch of vendors to participate and work closely with us and Capitaland in revamping Clarke Quay into a family oriented shopping haven!
– Feel free to suggest how you may wish to be part of our marketing plan!


Benefits of Joining us at POPPIN

– Increase brand awareness, increase sales.
– Free up your manpower and leave the selling to us. Though we encourage vendors to be there if they want to push sales.
– Collection point or showcase products to your followers in a physical shop
– Associate your brand with Clarke Quay (important to let your followers know you are actively participating in something offline as much as online). It’s a brand new beginning in Clarke Quay with Capitaland’s new initiative to revamp the place.


We are excited to be part of this opportunity to work with Capitaland to change the shopping landscape here. If you wish to have this portfolio and be one of the pioneer group to revamp this place, then do join us and sign up today! We encourage our vendors to sign up with us early so we can kickstart our marketing for your brands early. We aim to do more for supportive vendors who sign up with us early.

Official Clarke Quay opening date: 26 April 2024

Sign up with us as soon as you can! Early Bird special for limited time period only.

Rental Details

All the 100 stalls will be located on the same level 1. Able to start anytime!

Rental Rates (Early Bird Rate):

Rent for a stall: $380 a month only + 12% GTO
(Minimum commitment of 3 months)

Note: In POPPIN, 1 stall = 1 furniture

*GTO can be likened to commission, so 88% of sales will be transferred to vendors each month.
One time Admin fee: $50


Booth Space

A furniture that is about 1.2m by 0.6m in dimensions (or 0.72 sqm)
For POPPIN @ Clarke Quay, vendors may choose to bring their own furniture or rent from us at $30 a month only.

– Stalls are not confirmed until payment is made. Any payment made is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the Organizer.

– Strictly no refund after payment is made. Vendors may transfer stall to another person, but the Organizer must be informed and subjected to approval.

– Organizer has the right to reject any products that may not be suitable to be sold in the event.

– Vendors must not sell any products not stated in this Registration.

– Assignment of stalls is based on first come first serve.

– No outside tables and chairs to be brought into the event venue.

– The Vendor shall be responsible to return the tables and chairs in its original state upon the completion of this lease agreement.

– All Cosmetic/ Skincare/ Nail/ Eye/ Perfume/ Bathe/ Perfume/ Hair products that come in contact with our skin must be produced in a factory approved by HSA.

–  All food products must come from a factory or food shop approved by SFA.

–  Vendor’s products must not infringe any Copyright Act, be it design/ logo/ brands of any major fashion’s/ sports’ Trademark & Licensed products.

– The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any dispute or liability arising from the sale of products by the Vendor.

– The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any loss or damages of products during or after event hours.

– The Organizer reserves the right to collect payment from the Vendor to recover any damages caused on the flooring, pushcart, tables or chairs, cost of damages to be determined by professional contractors.

– The Organizer reserves all rights to ban the vendor from booking in future in the event of any dispute.

– All vendors have to clear away any unwanted items or trash at their booth area before they tear down, at the end of the Event.

– The Organizer may at its sole discretion choose to waive some or all parts of this contract. The Organizer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.


By registering under T.Cartel, vendors have read, understood and agreed to observe the terms and conditions.

Parking Amenities
Indoor Space with Sheltered Outdoors
Central Region, Popular entertainment and tourist spot

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